Ads on iOS?

I’m seeing advertisements when I use GoodTask on iOS. They are for other apps on the App Store (I forgot to take a screenshot).

Is this new? I did purchase “Unlock Everything” a while back but when I push “Restore Purchase” it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hi @sam42, thanks for using GoodTask.

I’ve made a new app and tried iOS’s new App Store’s introducing feature.

It’s a one time thing and will not appear again.

Sorry if it was disturbing.



Thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t realize it was one of your apps and that iOS could introduce them that way. It’s cool that iOS can do that!

It was quite unobtrusive, actually. Now that I know what it was I wouldn’t mind seeing it for other new apps you create. I was just worried about having ads regularly appear in GoodTask.

I’m having a look at Just Track now!


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