Alert not firing


Thanks for developing this app. I am finding if I create a reminder through Siri, the alert does not fire as it should. Is there an amount of time for a background refresh or something else needed for GoodTask app to recognize the new reminder? When I use Siri it is often short term reminders (eg 10 min from now)


I just tried testing this and reset my phone first. It seems that reminders set by Siri at least 6 min in the future work, but those set less than that don’t fire until my first 5 min auto snooze. Is that expected? I was worried none of my Siri alerts would fire but they do so this is not actually as much an issue that I thought.

Okay I lied. I just had Siri created alerts for +30 min not fire so I am confused. Any help would be appreciated

Hi @405fv, thanks for using GoodTask.

For alert to run by GoodTask, it needs to run to set it up. It can be done by opening the app or background app refresh.

Background app refresh is managed by iOS so I can’t confirm its behavior exactly on your device but if you have it set to be available, it’ll run as frequently as once per 10 minutes to once per day. The variation is calculated and managed by iOS according to the app usage and resources.

If you need more accurate notification while using lots of Siri commands, using Reminders notification could be a wat to go.

Hope it made sense. Thanks!

Thanks. This makes sense. I don’t need more accurate reminders, but knowing this will help my workflow