Alert Option

Sorry if this was covered elsewhere, but I was curious if there was a feature to automatically set an alert if a task has a time assigned to it BUT NOT if there was no time set.

Again, maybe I missed it, but I couldn’t seem to find the right setting and thought maybe I’d just ask.


Hi @Lawruhl, thanks for using GoodTask.

Go into 'Settings - New Task' and have 'Add Alert when Due Date is Set' turned on. Also set 'No Time' for 'Alert Time for No Timed Task'.

By doing this, when you add a due date, alert will be added only when you have time.

This will not affect changes when there is already a due date.


Thank you for your reply. I gave this shot, but it didn’t seem to work. I am on the iOS 14 beta and the GoodTask beta (not sure if that makes a difference).

If you have 'Due date' set as 'The day' in default, No timed due date will be added initially. In that case, adding time will not add an alert. You need to get rid of that due date option to make it work like it.

I'm aware that this can be a bit confusing. I'll try to make alert added if no timed default date is not changed.


I tried this and couldn’t get it to work last night, but after the latest GT beta update, it is working now. Thank you very much!

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