Apple Mail to GoodTask

I am trying to find an Apple Script (or some other method) of turning an email into a GoodTask Reminder. I would like the subject of the email to be the title of the reminder, and the body of the email the notes of the reminder. Does anyone have a script for this?

Its easy. You dont need script. Select the text you want to make a reminder. If you want the whole email text, put the cursor in the body & press CMD-A.

Next, right click the selected text. Select "Share" from the drop down list then select Reminders (NOT GoodTask) from the second drop down list.

The Subject of the email will be the title of the task. What you selected will be in the notes field. By default, it goes to your Default list, but you can change the list down the bottom of the dialogue box. Given it goes to Reminders, it is in GoodTask.

GoodTask is similar to the first 2 steps, but works a bit differently thereafter - experiment to find out what you prefer.

Note that the link to the mail is persistent, so unless you delete it, the link will work even if you file the mail in another folder.


Thank you very much!!

Great walkthrough Mike. Thanks very much.