Bug: Links to Mail.app emails not recognized on iOS

In GoodTask for Mac, links to Mail.app emails, which take the form message://%3c<message ID>%3e, are recognized as URLs in tasks' notes and are converted to links in the main task display. However on iOS these links are ignored; they're neither tappable links in tasks' notes nor do they appear as links on the main task display.

Thanks for the details. Normally it should show link inside list. Also it should show action buttons inside the task at the very bottom.

It can't be tapped directly in notes field. Thanks!

Thanks. At the bottom of the task details view the link to the email is indeed shown. However, in the list view, the link shown under the task is not the email address, but a mailto link. Here are images of what I mean:

On iOS, in the task detail view, the email link is correctly shown at the bottom.

And on Mac, in the list view, it's also correct.

But on iOS, in the list view, a link to an email address in the notes field is shown instead of the link to the email.

I have the advanced setting "fetch last URL from notes field" enabled, if that makes a difference.

It seems like email address in the notes field is making another link. I've checked that 'fetch last URL from notes field' option is not properly working inside list like you've mentioned. I'll fix it on next update. Thanks!

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