Cannot drag 'n' drop from mail into GoodTask

Hi. I have recently returned to goodtask (my company would only let windows machines connect) and I don't seem to be able to drag 'n' drop from mail into goodtask. If I drag a mail into an empty list in Goodtask then nothing happens. If I drag it into a list that already has some todo items then it loads the title of the email as a subtask of one of the existing tasks but without the link to the email.
I am using Goodtask 6.5.5 on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3.

Help please.

Hi @waspz, thanks for using GoodTask.

  • When you drag and drop email from Mail app to GoodTask, you need to see '+' icon to make a new task which is connected to the mail. On newly made task, you'll see a link (message:XXXX type) which can be tapped in the list or at the bottom of task detail pane.

  • If you drag it on existing task, it's currently adding a subtask with the title. This is unintended and seems like there were some changes during OS updates. I'll take a look.


I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here. I have dragged the email onto the New Item Dialog and this happily created a task but I cannot find a link to the email. Attached is a screenshot of what I believe is the task detail page but I see no link.

Screenshot 2021-04-03 at 10.23.37

Hi @waspz, thanks for the details. You need to drag and drop to the main app window.

If you drag it on new task dialog, it'll just copy title as text and paste it on task's title field. Thanks!

Gotya, many thanks. Now sorted.