Can't add tasks on Mac, 'No list found' error message

I've been using Goodtask on iOS for quite a while, but I'm new to the Mac app. It has synced with Reminders and new tasks added through Reminders show up, but I can't add tasks in Goodtasks directly. I get the error message 'No list found', with the suggestion to change a setting in Security & Privacy (looks okay) and to add a list (I've got several lists and they're shown in the left hand panel). Now, how do I add a task through Goodtask on my Mac directly?

Hi @Infamuze, thanks for using GoodTask.

Normally it should work well. Try going into 'Preferences - Lists : Edit List Order' and see how it goes. Thanks!

I got an empty list, but after deactivating and reactivating a list in Preferences > Lists, the Edit List Order box was filled with all my lists and New task is suddenly working! Strange, but I'm good to go now!

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I'm having the same problem of being unable to add a list on a Mac. It's a second Mac – no problem on the first one. On the second one, I can see my lists in the sidebar, but when I try to add a task I get the "no list found" message. In preferences > lists, no lists appear at all. The calendars do appear there. I have tried syncing my preferences from the 1st Mac where everything is working but it's made no difference. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the feedback. Please try opening Reminders app and see if it’s working properly. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. Reminders on Mac 2 is in sync with Reminders and GoodTask on Mac 1. Anything I do in GoodTask on Mac 1 or Reminders on either Macs syncs to the others, but no syncing to GoodTask on Mac 2. Yet GoodTask on Mac 2 has stuff that I've entered on Mac 1, and things I updated on Mac 2 last week have synced to Mac 1.

I've just found that if I click on Edit for any of the lists on Mac 2, it shows no details – evidently the connection to Reminders has broken. So restarting everything sorted it all. Doh!

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