Changes undoing

Hello. Since updating to Mac OS Ventura, I'm getting a weird problem where changes revert every time I change a date or task name. I've updated good task to latest version. If I change a task date and close it, it comes back to the original date. If I change the date and stay with the task open, I can see the date changing back! Second time around, it always works.

Hi @jrbennett, thanks for using GoodTask.

I can't reproduce the bug on my side. Try restarting the device and if the issue persists, please share screenshots or screen recordings to Thanks!

Thanks, have sent you a video via WeTransfer. It is happening for completing tasks too, and on both of my Macs, but not on my iPhone.


Any updates on this? I'm having the exact same issue. If you need, I also captured the bug in a screen recording.

I'm using version 7.3.2 of the app on MacOS 13.1

Thank you

All sorted for me now. Support recommended the following actions:

  • Go into 'Settings - Advanced'
  • Run 'Delete Local Cache Files'
  • Also run 'Reset calendar connection'

Everything running fine now

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