Circular complication issue on AW4


Hi everyone,
I have a small issue with the complication on the AW4. I have the contents of a list displayed. The number is displayed correctly and also changes with editing the list, but the ring always looks the same. As you can see on the screenshot, only the top point is visible, it stays that way, no matter how the number changes. Should this be the case or should the ring not show the progress of the tasks? The list has 30 entries today, 21 are done. So the number is correct, but the ring should look different?
Reset/ Restart/ Re-Installation didn't help. Watch OS 5.3.1, GoodTask 4.8.2




Hi Thomas, thanks for the feedback. Inside the app on status view (swipe to the most left side view), do you see the count for 'Completed' ? The app calculates upon that number for percentage. You may need to check if the list you've selected includes it. Thanks!


On the status page of the watch is only the number of tasks and calendar entries, no value for "Completed". Also the task list of the watch shows only open tasks.

I don't quite understand:
"You may need to check if the list you've selected includes it."

The list I chose (a GoodTask smartlist, not a reminders list) contains the completed tasks. You can switch the display of completed tasks on and off (on the iPhone), this works as expected. Does the display of completed tasks have to be switched on so that the percentage value is displayed on the watch?



No, whether show:hide toggle is on or off on iPhone doesn’t matter. It’s just about the list itself that contains it or not.

There are cases where watch doesn’t keep completed tasks which could result in situations like you’ve mentioned. You may check default Reminders app on Apple Watch and it might not have completed tasks available.


You're right, the default reminders app on the watch also doesn't display any completed tasks. But I don't remember having ever seen completed tasks on the watch. I didn't find any settings in the reminders or the watch app, obviously this is out of user's control?
Any ideas what I could do other than reboot and reinstall (I've already tried this twice)?



I’m not quite sure what you can do about this. As far as I know by experience is that on my devices it shows the ones for recent months but there is no particular pattern on when it starts to disappear. It seems like yours don’t even show today’s completed tasks? Try completing test tasks on your watch and see if it’s visible or not.


Ok, the completed tasks are in the watch reminder app (requires a long press on the list, then they are temporarily displayed). Just realised that I also have two GT lists on the watch where the completed tasks are displayed and the complication circle works as expected. Not for all others, although these lists also contain completed tasks on the iPhone. Why one list works and another doesn't is not yet clear to me. I'll try some more myself, maybe I find a pattern.
In any case, thanks for your help.


I think I've found the solution: On GT's iPhone "Favorites" setup screen you can choose the basic list and below them between the four options "list", "day", "week" & "month". If "list" is selected here, the watch will not show any completed tasks, thus the circle shows nothing. With one of the three other options, the completed tasks are displayed and then the circle display also works as expected.
Maybe a hint in the manual about this effect could be helpful for others.


Thanks for details! I'll take a look and will follow your advice. Thanks!