Constantly shifting task order on Apple Watch

When I am viewing a smart list (usually the Today view) on the watch, the tasks are continually shifting position, making it almost impossible to tap on one and then complete it. I pretty much always end up tapping the wrong task because the order changed.

I have changed the list I am viewing multiple times. The shifting exists on all the smart lists for the watch, but not regular lists.

I do not know if this is because all the tasks that are shifting around have no due time, only a due date. However, when I tested my "tomorrow" smart list I can see two tasks with the same due date and time, and they swap back and forth. There are also a bunch of tasks without due times, and they swap around as well. But the tasks with times and the tasks without times do not swap with each other.

Hi, @dev88, thanks for the feedback. Would you share screenshots for below pages to ?

Pick one specific list that doesn’t work properly.

  • Sort option page for that list
  • List view of that list on iPhone
  • Same view on Apple Watch
  • Settings - Sort, Tags page and Sort options page
  • Settings - Apple Watch


Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Screenshots sent.

Did you ever resolve this? I have noticed the same thing on my smart list on the watch.

I worked with the developer and these were the steps that finally fixed the problem:

  1. I disabled the automatic preference sync
  2. I ran Reset Calendar Connection
  3. I ran Delete Local Cache Files
  4. I checked the watch and everything seems to be stable.
  5. I went to iCloud Sync and uploaded the current settings
  6. I then re-enabled automatic preference sync.
  7. I then fixed all the lists on my computer, which synced those changes to the phone, and the watch is still stable.
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ok thanks! Good to know there's a fix. I will ty to take those steps later and hope that will resolve it. Thanks for the quick response!

huh. As a delayed reaction, I finally got around to going through these steps in detail. Did not change the flashing list shifts for me. Oh well. Don't use the watch a whole lot anyway, other than seeing notifications......