Counts of items in lists disappearing


The counts of items in lists keep disappearing unless I restart GT. The "show count" option is checked in the preference, but the counts still keep disappearing. Please advise. TIA!

Hi @owlinprime, thanks for using GoodTask.

Try 'Settings - Advanced - Delete Local Cache' and see how it goes.

If the issue persists, try 'Settings - Advanced - Reset calendar connection'.

Send me screenshots if it still doesn't work. Thanks!

Sorry I didn't make it clear when I posted, but this issue only exists on Mac, so there is no option to delete local cache (not that I am aware of).

I did reset the calendar connection, and things seem to be working fine, except now I need to re-add calendars back to each list. When I added calendar to the list, however, the count disappears again. Attached please find what it looks like when I reset calendars in "Today" list

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 20.05.56

I am guessing it has to do with having calendar events in the list, but that's all I know. Let me know if you want me to poke around to see if anything else could lead to this issue. Thanks!

On Mac, you can select ‘Delete Previously Used’ button to do similar action.

If the issue persists, please send me below things to

  • Preferences - Lists and Calendars page screenshots
  • files inside iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings (if you’re not using automatic preferences sync, click ‘Upload’ once in Preferences - Sync)