Crash when selecting quick actions

Not sure what I have done but GoodTask on my IOS now crashes every time click on Quick Actions when I swipe on a task. This started after I changed the swipe assignments. Any idea how to resolve this?

Hi @nkienzl, thanks for using GoodTask.

Would you give me some more details? Please share your swipe action settings, quick actions and how to reproduce the crash. You can send me an email to if you'd like to.


This happens on an iPhone 8plus with the latest IOS updates installed as well as on my IPad Pro. My swipe action is set to show Quick Actions on Swipe Right #1 and Complete on Swipe Left #1. I played around with the Quick Acrions themselves to troubleshoot and deleted all of them and added only Clear Date. When I swipe right on a task I see the quick actions icon, but when I click on it then it quits the app. Also, it seems that the preference sync doesn’t work right as I don’t see the same quick actions on my iPhone and on my IPad. One potential issue, I just realized, might be that my iCloud account might be maxed out.anybthoughts would be much appreciated.

Thanks for detail explanation.

  • Quick Action on 'Swipe Action' opens the task and sends to QA area.
  • I found out that if you have QA hidden by setting it 0 inside 'Settings - Appearance - Task Detail - Quick Actions - Row/Column', it'll crash on swipe action. It'll be fixed on next update.
  • If you want to access QA through swipe action, you should set that number above 0 to make it show inside task detail page.

About preferences sync, GoodTask uses 'iCloud Drive' to manage preferences files. You an check it inside 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings' as files. If you have 'Auto Pref Sync' turned on, it'll fetch data from that place. If you use Upload/Download manually, preferences will be uploaded as file on that folder and downloaded from that folder.


This was it. Crash is gone. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.