Creating new lists

Hi I have downloaded good task for Mac OS and IOS for my iPhone, pad and MacBook Air all the tasks update OK but on my iPhone I have reorganised some lists deleting some and creating other new lists. I cannot seem to get these lists to update to my other MacBook Air and ipad.
Please can you inform me what the solution is

Hi @GardenAdvice, thanks for using GoodTask.

I assume you're asking about sync status for lists.

Lists are synced through 'Preferences'. Preferences are synced through 'iCloud Drive' with files.

First on your Mac, open Finder and go into 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings' and see if lists.plist file is there.

You can also check inside the app's Preferences - Sync. On that page, it'll show you which device and time the file has been created.

If it's not there or the data is not the one you're expecting, click 'Upload' to change it with the data on your Mac.

After that, go to iPhone app and check 'Settings - iCloud Sync'. If it's not automatically changed, tap 'Download' to sync the data.