Default phone number action


Hello, is there a way to change the default handling of phone numbers? When I put a phone number in the notes column, it recognizes it perfectly, but when I use the link slide action (from the list view) or click the number (from the task detail view) it brings up a text message box instead of initiating a call (or prompting to initiate a call). I did notice that if I click the phone number bubble at the bottom of task view then it will give me the option to call or sms, but I was wondering if there was a way to change the default behavior of the "go to link" task slide action from the list view since that's 90% of the time how I want to access links or phone numbers in the notes field.

Thanks as always for the excellent support!


Hi @Matt_Hendrickson, thanks for the feedback.

Please check if you have 'Settings - Advanced - Fetch Las URL from notes field' option checked.



I did have it checked. I just un-checked it and now the link swipe action does prompt to call instead of going straight to a draft sms, so that is the behavior I was looking for! Will I lost any URL functionality on the task side swipe without that option being checked (for instance, if I have tags and a URL in the notes field will it still pick up the URL)? I guess what I'm really asking is: what does the "Fetch Last URL" setting change in terms of app behavior and the way it handles links?


When you have multiple URL links and phone numbers, normally the first one is set to run on swipe or the button inside. You need to tap three-dot more button to run other actions. But if you have that option checked, the last one is selected.

Since calling comes first and then sms, when there is only one phone number, that option picked sms to run.

Hope it made sense. Thanks!