Defer Repeating Task

I am trying to defer a task by one month. However, it is also a task that repeats annually. I do not wish to change the repeating due date, only the current iteration of the task.

Is there any way to do this please. I have tried out a number of options without success.

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Hi @Kidglove57, thanks for using GoodTask.

Have you tried ‘Skip’ feature? This will skip current due for recurring tasks. It can be done on context menu or Quick Actions.


Thank you! Yes, I did try Skip but it seemed to do much the same thing as simply ticking off the task as if it were complete? Unless I have missed the point?

The only other option seemed to be to Complete (or Skip) the current instance of the task and make a new one off task for say a month’s time?

Yes, it's similar to complete but does not keep completed task. It just sets due date to next recurring date. I now understand that what you want is to change due date on current recurrence only but it's not possible at the moment. :disappointed_relieved: I'll keep the feedback on the list to consider.