Duplication of subtasks on completion of repeat


When I complete a repeating task with subtasks, then complete one of the subtasks, the subtasks seem to be duplicated, at least visually but somehow inter-connectedly, because when I complete one subtask its copies also complete.

☐ Task X repeat daily, due today
☐ subtask A
☐ subtask B

Complete Task X, and I have a new copy due tomorrow, but when I complete subtask A, I get:

☐ Task X due tomorrow
✓ subtask A
☐ subtask B
✓ subtask A
☐ subtask B

Opening it up in Reminders Note section, it looks like the items actually did duplicate.


Hi @Pelmel, thanks for the feedback.

Would you give me details in exact order to reproduce the issue if possible? Thanks!


Hmm... I reproduced it several times yesterday, but can't reproduce it at all today (thankfully). I will let you know if I see it again, and try to figure out what else might be involved.