Edit task containing zoom url on iOS

I need to update a task that contains a zoom URL, however, when I try to double click on the task or anything else that I can find using voice over all that happens is the URL is launched. How do I add additional details or corrects a zoom URL after a task has been created on iOS?

It appears that the only way at the moment it is return to the reminders app and swipe up or down when VoiceOver is active until you hear Edit Details and then double tap.

Hi @TonyMay_KG, thanks for the feedback. There is a link at the bottom of the task but the task itself should be opened if it's tapped on the task title. Thanks!

I tried to double tap (because of VoiceOver) on different parts of the task but they all launched the URL unfortunately.

Thanks for the details. I'm testing with VoiceOver but in my case, I can only open task with double tap. Can't open URL with double tap in my case. Would you share screenshot or screen recordings to contact@hahaint.com ? I'll take a look. Thanks!