Feature Request: Improve Panels for Subtasks & Quick Actions



Thinking through a few things today, and I'd love to see some love for the panels related to Subtasks and Quick Actions. On iOS, I think they're relatively good, but on macOS they still just feel a bit clunky to work with on a regular basis.

1. Could there be separate options for integrating Subtasks & Quick Actions? I'd like it if I could integrate subtasks, but keep quick actions its own panel.

2. Allow overlay panels to be toggled with their keyboard shortcuts. For example, CMD+/ to open Subtasks panel, but then hitting CMD+/ doesn't hide it, it just de-focuses it.

3. Allow links to be clickable in Subtasks. Similar to how List Memos work, if it detects a URL, it would be lovely to be able to tap that and open the URL.

4. If I'm dreaming, allow meta-information to be added to Subtasks. This would take a re-design of subtasks I would think, but I'd love to have additional meta information that could be assigned to subtasks only. Primarily if things like: URL & Notes could be added to a subtask, and then actions could be taken on those items based on that information.

That's all a lot to ask, but wanted to shoot that all out while it was fresh in my mind. :blush:



Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

On 2, do you mean it should be closed with keyboard shortcut?


Yea. That'd be ideal if it could open / close with the same shortcut. :blush: