Feature Request: "Today - No time" List Filter

I want to have no specified time as a filter condition for the list.
I want to show tasks that are to be done today but do not have a specified time. This is for me to do in my free time.

The same as "Today - No time" in the "Include" section in the "Expired" icon badge. I want it in the list filters.

I'm using the translation function, so sorry if the language is weird.

Hi @fdd, thanks for using GoodTask.

You can make a smart list with filter - Scheduled - Today and set time to 12:00am-12:00am and it’ll work as you like. Thanks!

I looked carefully again and found it.
I was able to achieve what I wanted to do with the following.

Add a new filter

  • Type: Scheduled Tasks
  • Scheduled task: Today
  • Hide (task): Later task

GoodTask is great.
Thanks for the good product and service.