"Flagged" 🚩 Tasks

Hi there.

I am just trying out GoodTask and I am amazed at how much is possible - All the customization, so many ways to do things, it's amazing.

I do have one question: GoodTask flawlessly accesses the iOS reminders and can even read the tags (if you turn it on, under experimental settings).
However, nowhere I see if a task is "flagged". I have been using this to indicate that something should be worked on, although it's not yet due. GoodTask can read/write priorities, dates, tags - But the "Is Flagged? Yes/No" seems to be missing entirely.

Was it forgotten? Is it possible it will come with a future update?

Many thanks.

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Hi @Fronzel_Neekburm, thanks for the feedback.

Currently things like Flagged, subtasks in Reminders, attachments, links, tags and others aren't shared to 3rd party developers yet.

When Apple opens it up, I'll try to support it soon. If you have minute, try sending a feedback to Apple through below site. It'll be helpful.


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I'd like to, but it seems I need to be enrolled in something. The site says: "you are not enrolled in any beta software programs.

It will offer two buttons:

  1. Apple Beta Software Program - "Join the Apple Beta Software Program to report general usability issues using Feedback Assistant"
  2. Apple Developer Program - "Use the Apple Developer Program to report feedback for APIs and developer tools".

Which would be the right one?

You can go with no.1 since you're not planning to develop apps. If so, you can go with 2. :slight_smile: