GoodTask 4.5 Update

GoodTask has just been updated as version 4.5. Mac and iOS versions share most of the improvements. On macOS, you get more improved print options when you print (CMD-P) on a list.

** 'Tag' as Sort Options **

  • You can set 'Tag' as Sort Option
  • Set specific tags that the list will sort from
  • You can bring tags from Quick Actions and Smart List filters
  • All sort options including tags can be set differently on each lists like before

** Drag and Drop improvements **

  • You can drag and drop tasks on calendar to change due date and time
  • Sort options and 'Drag and Drop' options are integrated into 'Settings - Sort'
  • 4 options are added to turn off specific drag and drop actions
  • Drag and drop options are not synced between devices with Automatic Preferences Sync
  • Tasks can be dropped between calendar events

** Other improvements **

  • New Quick Action : Clear Tags

  • Improved 'Time' Quick Action : 'Calculate from Today when overdue' option added. Default is on. When it's off, only time changes on current due date (like before). When it's on, overdue date will be changed to upcoming (today or tomorrow) date

  • New Option : Settings - Advanced - Fetch Last URL from Notes field (When URL field is empty, it's filled with URL in notes field. This option choose between first and last if there are many URLs)

  • List Memo : URL & Phone Numbers are now clickable

  • Address is now clickable on notes field

(iOS Only)

  • New Siri Shortcut : 'Complete Task' by searching Title from Clipboard

  • Apple Watch Infograph Corner complications adjusted to show icon and text when there are no tasks left for better looks

  • Apple Watch : While adding, if there is no preset, it doesn't show options.

  • Apple Watch : Adding subtasks show presets too with scribble option

  • Share List had been adjusted to include section headers and keeps same order as on list

  • Fixed: iPad theme bug on 'Bold Text' accessibility option

  • Search Keyboard shortcut for iPad has been changed to CMD-F

(macOS Only)

  • Better Print options : You can set margins and select to show 'List Memo/ Section Title/ Notes/ Subtasks'. (Applies to below 'Share List' too)
  • Share List had been adjusted to include section headers and keeps same order as on list. It follows print options set on print page.

& Stability improvements and minor bug fixes.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks! :smiley:


A fantastic upgrade which I've been proud to beta test. I've now moved on to the release version as recommended.