GoodTask changed order of my lists after latest update


Did anyone else encounter this? It's bad when you start to have trust issues with a system you're very reliant on. Is there a fix or do I have to drag these dozen lists back to where they belong?


Hi @Bubbledock, thanks for using GoodTask.

When data source from Reminders app (such as iCloud, etc) get re-connected in some situations, lists can be reset. On this case, Reminders lists could be shown at the very bottom of all the lists.

Easiest way to roll back on this case is turning off 'Automatic Preferences Sync' and then turn it back on with option 'Download'.

Other than that, if you're using iOS, you may check inside 'Settings - General - Manage Preferences'. There could be some backups that you may use at the bottom. (You may need to check time and device)

This should normally not happen and will get some optimizations on later updates when lists/Smart Lists view get revised soon.


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Hi GoodTask and thanks for getting back to me so fast. Before I do this, will any tasks I've put in be deleted if I download data from before the time I created the task?



I discovered my lists all out of order today, too.


@Bubbledock, tasks should not be affected by this.

@Bubbledock and @Redaxel, do you recall anything before this happened? Are you using the latest version of the app? (v4.6.1)


@GoodTask yes, it happened after I had it updated to 4.6.1 (361) from the previous version, whatever that was :slight_smile: Edit: grammar


Thanks for the info. I'll check once again.

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