GoodTask for dummies?

I am not an IT professional, but am a person with a science/tech background and fairly wide experience as an IT user, and I've also done a certain amount of coding from time to time. I bought GoodTask because it was strongly recommended by reviewers as a Mac friendly a way of getting my (mainly academic) task planning automated and onscreen.

It is clear that this app provides a wide and rich variety of facilities to its users. The user guide is very comprehensive, and includes an exposition of the entire range of capacities of this app. Similarly, the YouTube guides seem to describe every possible thing that you could do with this app in considerable detail.

However, what I want is something much simpler: to get me started (and to give me pretty well all I want at present) I need a "for dummies" style of explanation of how I can enter the name of a task, set its due date, and get myself reminded at fixed intervals until the task is completed. I do realise that this information is embedded in the text explanations in the user guide and in the YouTube videos. But there is so much other information in those sources that I don't need to know straight away, and which distracts me from what is no doubt the underlying simplicity of this app.

Is what I want already there, somewhere? If so, where? If not, could it perhaps be provided?

Thanks for the feedback. I’m aware that the app could be complicated. I’m trying to figure out a way to provide more various info or use cases. I’ll keep your feedback in mind while doing the job. Thanks!

Fine, but meanwhile, maybe I could have an answer to my particular query. I don't think it should take very long to write.

Oh, I'm sorry I missed it. You can simply make a new task by tapping + button on top right or CMD-N while using the app. You can set global keyboard shortcut inside 'Preferences - General - Global Keyboard shortcut' to open the new task window.

On that window, you can type in date/time directly using 'Text snippets' style which can be set inside 'Preferences - New Task - Text Snippets'. Or you can click 'No Due Date' to setup a due date. Or you can click lightning icon which will open up quick actions to edit the due date.

Alerts are connected to due dates but you can set it separately. Currently auto-snooze is only available on iOS version.

I hope it answers the questions. If you have more, feel free to let me know. Thanks!