GoodTask keeps freezing


Whenever I close and reopen my MacBook Pro, GoodTask freezes up on me. The only way I can get it working again is to force quit and reopen. I am running MacOS Mojave version 10.14.4. I did uninstall and reinstall GoodTask, but the issue persists. Thoughts appreciated!

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Hi @jalssid, thanks for the feedback.

From Mojave, things have changed a lot under the hood and it needs a fresh refresh on database when you go back to the app. It normally doesn't take long but if it's freezing, you may need to check some options.

Inside 'System Preferences - Energy Saver', try turning off 'Power Nap' and see how it goes. Normally if the device goes to sleep, GoodTask shouldn't do anything but in some cases, turning off this option resolves the issue.

If this doesn't change anything, please tell me back. I'll try to improve things related to this in future updates.



Thank you for the suggestion. Power Nap is not turned on my device. Any other suggestions for fixing this issue? Thanks!


Do you keep big database? How many completed tasks do you have? You can right click on left pane for 'All Lists' and you can check how many you have.

Also, please send me a log when it freezes if you can. Below is how to do it.

  • Open 'Activity Monitor' (You can open it inside 'Applications-Utilities-Activity Monitor' or use Spotlight Search(CMD-Space) and type Activity Monitor)
  • Choose 'GoodTask' on the list
  • Click 'Settings' on top row of buttons (3rd) and choose 'Sample Process'
  • Wait awhile until it's made
  • Click Save at the top right and then save the file



I have 770 completed tasks. Not a whole lot.

I will send you a log next time it freezes, per your instructions.

Thank you.

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Okay, I have saved the Sample Process. It is too large to cut and paste here. How can I share it with you?


You can send me an email at