GoodTask Notes only a few lines in Apple Reminders


In preparing to move a long list of subtasks to the Notes field, I unthinkingly added them with GoodTask's subtask parsing "[ ] ". Naturally, when I reopened the task, I found they had popped back into the subtasks field.

I figured, well, let me open the task up in Reminders and I can just quickly prefix those subtask lines to "- " or " :black_square_button: " instead.

However, when I opened that task in Reminders, in the Notes field I discovered that only a few lines of text (and none of the subtasks) are displayed there.

Is this expected?


Culprit: one line with just "[ ]" (visible in GoodTask), when deleted everything showed up in Reminders.


In Reminders, you need to go into the task to see all lines of notes. It only shows few lines on the list.

If it's something else you're talking about, please tell me back. Thanks!