Hiding or collapsing subtasks?


Hi. I sort of recall an option where we could hide or collapse subtasks in the center panel on MacOS (but still have them appear on the right panel). I tried creating a new "appearance" asking it not to show subtasks, but they still show. Is there another way to do this?


I figured it out in preferences / appearance by changing the subtasks in the "Default" task display. I was trying to create a new task display (I think the three that are there on mine below are standard?). I'm not sure I understand what Task Display refers to---when I was trying to collapse subtasks earlier, I had created a "Hidden Subtasks" task display and highlighted it, but I guess that's not how it works:


Hi @Fuchsia, thanks for the feedback.

You can edit 'Default' and 'Default - Reminders List' for task display on lists.

It's default settings for smart lists and Reminders lists.

If you make a new one of your own, you need to select them on a list to make it work for that list.

Try 'Edit List' on a list you want to change and set 'Task Display' to the one you've made.



Got it---thank you.

The 5.1 update is phenomenal. Thanks so much. Also, I've been hoping you would start a YouTube channel with all this info as well!

One other question: On the Mac popup box where we start a new task, is it possible to add the info about repeats in there? I find that if I click done and it's a task for a future date, it's gone too far down the list for me to easily click on it to use the right hand panel for "repeat" info.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Meanwhile you may use 'Quick Actions' with repeating options if you use specific ones regularly.



Great---thank you :slight_smile: