How can we Change text color of the Secondary Important Line

In the list view, it seems as though the secondary line of information (the due date and the repeat information) seems to follow the same text color as the list color. Often, this color is hard to see. I would like to set the secondary line of information with a different color from the list color that is easier to see.

I tried changing various text colors while editing the theme but I was unable to change this specific item.

Q: does anyone know how to change the text color of the specific secondary text line of important information?

Also - oddly - a few of my lists do NOT look as described above - ex I have a dark Icon Color but the secondary line of text is white. I don't know how this happened but I would like to do this on some of the other List colors. How is this list able to have a different text color from the List icon color?

Hi @dealtek, thanks for the feedback.

Due date follows default text color (same with title) and it changes to list color when it becomes overdue.