How do you link devices?


I have GT on the iPhone and have created lists and tasks. I downloaded it onto my iMac but the information is not migrating from the iPhone.
Really appreciate help


Hi @NH_Canary, thanks for using GoodTask. There are 2 types of sync. One is your data (Reminders lists and tasks) and the other is preferences including Smart Lists and Quick Actions. Check below.

  • Prerequisite for Syncing
    : All the devices need to use same iCloud account
    : iCloud settings for Reminders should be turned on

  • To check if sync is set properly
    : Open default Reminders app and check if it's working well

  • For Preferences syncing
    : iCloud Drive needs to be turned on
    : 'Auto Preferences Sync' option needs to be turned on inside app's settings

Lists should be 'iCloud' lists rather than 'On My Mac, On My iPhone' lists which are local.

Please check below website too for more info.



Thank You, I will work my way through those, appreciate the response.