How to modify Board view column order


I am demoing GoodTask to see if it meets my needs. I’m a first-time user of GoodTask, but unfortunately experienced at various task managers, including deep experience with Trello and other board-view tools (including designing one at the last startup I founded).

Short version: How do I edit the columns, column names, and column order in board view?

I am looking at GoodTask because Things (my task manager for the last few years) is too based around “Today” and due dates, neither of which fit my work style. I need an Inbox -> Backlog -> Next -> Doing -> Done flow. (In this case, “No Tags” would function as the inbox, so it needs to be first, not last.)

It looks like GoodTask should be able to enable that, but… I can’t figure out how to do it.

It took me a bit to realize that I needed to use the Tag view for this. That seems a bit hacky because it sets up a conflict for the role of tags, and I’m bummed it’s not per-list (since different projects have different workflows), but at least it’s possible.

However, I can’t figure out how to edit the list and order of tags. The app defaults to a bunch of columns I won’t use, in an order that doesn’t match a workflow.

I mean, I kind of can. In the Quick Actions settings area, I can edit what looks like a tag workflow. I have no idea why this is in the Quick Actions area or what else it might do, but editing it does add the tags I want as columns. (I’m a long time Unix admin, and even I think the Quick Actions view is obscure in meaning and purpose. The sparse docs page provides no relevant insight.)

But… the resulting columns are not in the right order. And it does not delete the tags I will never user (e.g., #Later).

How can I set the order for the columns to match the above workflow? (:exploding_head: In doing more testing to confirm behavior, the columns are reordering randomly every time I open and close the Quick Actions settings pane!)

How can I remove the tags I won’t use?

(I am demoing this mostly on the mac trial version.)

Thanks for the feedback.

Quick actions should stay as it is set. If it doesn’t, please share some screenshots to

Kanban view on GoodTask is not as flexible to make custom boards as you want. They have basic setups which are date, priority, list and tags.

You can use tag views like you mentioned for your needs. You can edit each list and set up tags for the list. You’ll see ‘Edit: Tags’ inside list editing page. Turn off Automatic and you can set up tags.

Automatic option fetches tags from Quick actions and Smart list filters.


Ah hah! I didn't know about Edit on lists. There are a bunch of confusing little settings in there! That should suffice. However...

Quick Actions are staying as set. I just don't understand how they relate to the columns in Board view.

I have these set in Quick Actions: -> #Backlog->#ToDo->#Doing->#Done

(I still have no idea what this is. Some kind of mini language specifying priority and also column headers? Is every line in Quick Actions also a mini language? Does it have a docs page? It's all very confusing.)

But when I Edit a list, Edit Tags, and uncheck Automatic, the tags that it fills in for me (which also match the columns that show up, in the order listed here) are:

Notice two things:

  • There's a '#Later' tag here, but not in my list
  • The tags are out of order (#Backlog should be first, not last)

Unchecking Automatic and editing every tag list for every list works for me, and gets me the customization I want, but it would obviously be nice if I could set the defaults this way. And even more so, I'd like to understand what is going on.


'Automatic' tags are fetched from Smart list filters and Quick Actions. When you turn off 'Automatic', it'll add the ones that's currently in automatic option.

You can customize each quick actions inside 'Settings - Quick Actions'. Tag quick action that's in default settings is a prompt quick action with several tags that's preloaded. It won't change as you change tags in other places.


Ah. So there’s some “later” smart list, and if I delete it then only the tags I want will show up? But also, any smart list involving tags will automatically be added here?

Why does that fetching result in the tags being out of order?

It's used in 'Automatic' tags. Turning it off adds them to the list initially to let you manually start from that place.

Also: I am confident you know this, but all of this stuff seems to have far more intuitive controls on the iPad (and I assume iPhone). E.G., the Quick Actions stuff is explicitly a Switch (maybe not a useful term for the average user, but this coder got it), and you can add, reorder, and delete individual tags. (Tag order is still ignored in board view.) On the Mac, I have to edit it as a string.

It would probably be fine with more docs. But then, we all know no one reads docs, so they’re not really a panacea.

Anyway, just adding color to my confusion.

Tag order should work as it's set in the settings on the board view. If it's not, please share some screenshots (Settings & Board view) to Thanks!