How to share and import themes


You can use and make customized themes on GoodTask for iOS.

Go into 'Settings - Appearance - Themes' and you can make a theme on 'Theme Maker - Make New Theme'.

Your saved theme will go into the list and you can choose it on places using themes.

To share your theme,

  • Go into 'Manage Themes'.
  • Select a theme to share
  • Choose 'Share'
  • Copy the text
  • Post a topic here and paste the text (or share the text to someone or other places)
    !!! Before pasting the text, tap 'Preformatted Text </>' button on above bar which will make it easier to copy the code

To import a theme,

  • Copy the text code that's been shared by others
    (Tap copy button at the right end if it's one line text or manually copy the code)
    (If you're manually copying the code, make sure you copied all the text. = or == could be missing at the end when it's automatically selected)

  • Inside 'Settings - Theme', choose 'Import Theme'.

  • If the code is on the pasteboard, it'll ask you to import it or not.

  • If it's not on the pasteboard, you can paste it directly in the pop-up.


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Pardon me for being dense, but I see nothing about "settings" in the Mac app, and under themes I get a choice but no sharing/importing. On iOS I see settings/appearance inside the app, but no sharing, and from the settings app on iOS I see nothing appropriate. Am I using the right app?


Hi blazes, sorry for the confusion. Customizable themes are for iOS only and you need to go into 'Settings - Appearance - Theme'. Thanks!


Are there any plans to add theme editing ability to the MacOS version?


@Jojobean Currently it's not suitable to customize theme on macOS. I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks! :slight_smile: