I can't see the in task window


I can not see the subtasks in the task window, even when I press "⌘/" or click "Subtasks" in the "View" option menu. I also can not check/click the subtasks in the project to marke them as "done".
I'm new to GoodTask, the issue occurs after the first few hours of use (in the first hours everything was fine).
Thank you for your help.


Hi @Oliver, thanks for using GoodTask.

  • Subtasks can be added, completed, edited on bottom of right pane. If the bottom right pane is minimized, it might not be shown. Put the mouse on the place where arrow is on below screenshot and drag it up to make it larger.

  • There is an option on menu bar - View - Integrate Panels which will let you use separate panel for subtasks if you'd like.

  • Subtasks shown on list is for visible purpose only. This can be customized inside 'Preferences - Appearance - Task Display - Default - Subtasks (Show Details)'.