IOS and Mac GoodTask not syncing

I purchased both the IOS and Mac GoodTask versions hoping I could get them to sync but its not working. I'm signed into my Reminders app and I see the IOS GoodTask is syncing to iCloud but its not syncing to the Mac GoodTask app. Why is this not working?

Hi @larryzed, thanks for the feedback.

Sync is managed by iOS and macOS itself under the hood. If sync is not properly working, you may want to try below things.

  • Open default Reminders app and see if data is properly shown there. If not, you may need to check your iCloud or account settings in default Settings app.
  • If data is properly syncing in Reminders app, try restarting GoodTask.
  • If recent data is not syncing on Reminders and GoodTask, it may be due to iCloud status. Try 'Refresh' inside GoodTask. (You can see it on more button on top right)