Is GoodTask possible provide find command in URL Scheme?

Currently I make a OmniPlan Auto Script sync task to GoodTask, but make many duplicate task.

OmniPlan is full-fledge project management tool, It can schedule task in more specific, with relations. The schedule should update when context change, so I need update goodtask's list after OmniPlan update.

But it make a lot of duplicate task, since I have no way to find exist task in URL Scheme

Hi @yang_zhou, thanks for using GoodTask.

You can use below URL scheme to find existing task.


title: Title of the task you want to open (case-insensitive)


identifier: Identifier of item. This link can be made on ‘Copy Link’ action inside Context Menu and More button inside task detail page.


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Thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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But the second issue is The ?title or ?identifier URLScheme is not have a success callback? So I can't use it in automation

If the task is selected, you may try below URL Scheme to do the actions.

                                 x-success & x-error supported
                                 x-error : ?errorCode=code&errorMessage=message // code: 44, message: No item selected
                                 x-success : ?title=XX&identifier=XX