Is it possible to edit pre-existing quick actions?

I want to modify the 'Follow up+' quick action to remove a tag as an additional step. However, when I go into that quick action's settings, the 'Add' button is greyed out.

Is there a way to modify this (and similar) quick actions. Failing that, is there a way to duplicate an existing quick action and modify the duplicate? (I feel like I've done this before but perhaps I am imagining it)

Hi @djb21au, thanks for the feedback.

There are some actions that can only be at the end such as '+Days'. Adding this action will disable 'Add' button to add further actions.

You can select that action and delete it and then add other actions. Or you can edit the ones above to the way you want.

For duplicating, you can 'Share' to make an URL link and run it on safari to import it yourself.


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Perfect. I duplicated the quick action as you describe (for safety's sake), then deleted the +Days step, added in my clear tags step and reinstated the +Days step. Works perfectly. Thanks.

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