Is there a way to have "subtasks" like Catalina uses the term?


I really love your app, but I need to be able to have a hierarchy of tasks.

Example: I have clients with many locations and I have two templates for that client -- one is a task with all the city names as subtasks and another is a task with all the locations by city as subtasks.

Is there some similar way of creating a task with subtasks that I could easily copy when I have a set of actions to complete for that client's many cities (or locations)?


Hi @Christopher, thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn't open the info about subtasks status inside default Reminders app.

GoodTask reads data and it can't distinguish if it's subtask or not. It just shows as task for all the tasks. :sob:

To use GoodTask, you may use simple checklist subtask that GoodTask uses or make a dedicated list to certain jobs to see it in one sight.



I might be misunderstanding, but how about Quick Action: Duplicate?

You can add a tag (#template) to use to filter out the template tasks. (Edit Lists), and have a separate list or Smart List to show you all your templates.

P.S. If enabled in the Preferences, the subtasks show up similar to your list, but tinier than the main task, and you have to go to the task detail pane to actually check them off.

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