Issue and Potential Improvements to Tags

Hi, I've noticed that the tags I create via Goodtask do not sync over to Apple's reminders app. Is there some sort of technical issue here that prevents this from being implemented? If so, what is the easiest way to manually transfer the tags across from one platform to the other?

This is sort of unrelated, but I've also been in communication with the team at BusyCal and I wanted to see if there was a way that there was a way for the "repeat after completion" setting to be synced over to their app. Thank you!

Hi @jtylerhartley, thanks for the feedback.

There is currently no way to edit tags from Reminders app. You may give Apple a feedback to let them open the data.

Repeat after completion option is not sourced from Reminders database and kept inside the app so there isn't a way to share it with other apps.


So, just to clarify, you don't have an API available to share that information directly from GoodTask? Very sad.

Sorry but there isn't any opened API for the app. Thanks!

Ok, I understand. Just a suggestion to implement one, that's all.