Issue with Apple Watch notifications


Hi, I recently bought the app and love it. However I do have following issue with Apple Watch: when I create a new task using Siri, the task will be added in iOS reminders and GoodTask (I can see it in both apps on the watch) but there is no way I can have a goodtask notification on the watch, unless I open the app on my iPhone or create the task directly from the iPhone. Is this a system limitation or do I need the change settings. I read some topics in the forum but I am a bit lost...Thanks


Hi @DidierP, thanks for using GoodTask.

Notifications only run on iPhone app, not the watch. Normally when there are changes, watch app should trigger iPhone app to refresh notifications.

Notification that come from GoodTask on the watch is mirrored one that's on the iPhone.



Thanks for the answer.
This is a pity.
Any plans to upgrade this?
For the moment, I found another app that does it (memento)


Since editing data is not available on watchOS, it has trade-offs to make notifications directly on watch. When you edit tasks on the watch, it transfers data to iPhone where it actually happens.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!