Issues Keeping Completed Tasks Deselected

First, let me start off by complimenting this app. I was a heavy 2do app user (still advocate for it) but gave this app a chance. Now I oddly look forward to using the app just because of how effective I have found it.

I have an issue that I cannot seem to fix. I use the app constantly and through the day the "completed" tasks bubble (top right of the app when a list is open) is selected showing all tasks I've done through the day. Even if I unselect it so that the completed tasks disappear, as soon as I switch list or change apps, when I come back to a list the option is selected again and continues to show the completed tasks. The only way I've found to get it to stay off (temporarily) is to close the app and reopen it. That isn't a big issue, but I just feel like I am missing an easy fix that isn't presenting itself.

Any thoughts?

Hi @Footy3, thanks for the report. It seems like some kind of bug but I couldn't figure out yet.

Normally it should turn on only when you go into a smart list with 'Completed' filter added.

Does it happen on smart list that doesn't include completed filter?

The smart list I use the most doesn’t use the ‘completed’ filter. Is this what you’re referring to?

Yes, If you don't have it on the list, it's possibly some kind of bug. I'll investigate further. If you know how to reproduce it, please let me know. Thanks!