List view setting?

Hi, previously my list view in the widget of my IOS goodtask app would display

-Tasks with no due date
-Overdue tasks
-Task due today

Then when I checked off all the tasks for the day, the task list would be empty until I added another task or another due date arrived.

Now it does not show tasks with no due date, and it always shows the next due task no matter how far out that task is. I never get the satisfaction of an empty list and I never see tasks with no due date. I've driven myself crazy trying to reset it to the way it was, but I can't figure it out? Can anyone help me? I'll have to switch apps if I can't figure this out and I really don't want to. Thank you!

Hi @Jessica_Simmons, thanks for using GoodTask.

You need to know that widget shows the list you select which would be identical to the one inside the app. You should make the list inside the app to make it show the tasks as you like.

For the settings you need, make a smart list with filters,

  • Scheduled : within 1 day
  • undated

with OR operator. Thanks