Lost all task and list on Desktop


I'm testing out the free desktop version. Yesterday two alert about the reminder and I lost all the tasks. On the mobile version there are available. How can resent the desktop version with the mobile version?


Hi @bullitt56, thanks for trying out.

Would you check default Reminders app to see if data is properly syncing? You may check 'Accounts' menu on Reminders to see which accounts are connected to Reminders database. You should have same one on both devices to make data sync.

If this is not the case you're talking about, please give me some more details with screenshots. Thanks!


All the GoodTask are under the same iCloud account. yesterday I deleted a reminder on the desktop app and I lost all the remeinder on Apple App. But on the iPhone app and the remeinder App are sync


It seems like you've upgraded your database on iOS 13. To use same database, you need to upgrade macOS to Catalina. Currently macOS Catalina is on beta and scheduled to release on October.

You can see the details on below post.




thanks waiting Catalina for purchase the full version


I’m sorry but why i have the task on good task sync with apple reminder app? Now i have two notification and i want use only good task


GoodTask uses and shares data with default Reminders app. You can always turn off notifications for either one inside 'Settings - Notifications'. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Why? If I use a new app, I don't want share data with the default Remainders app but I want use two different app.


Hi @bullitt56, thanks for the feedback. Main characteristics of GoodTask is that it uses Reminders app's database. It gets the benefits of Reminders and brings more power and usefulness on top. :slight_smile: