Lots of lists, where do they come from?


Hello, I have more and more lists on iMac, iPad and iPhone that I didn't create. They're all the same. When I delete one, everything is gone. There are also different lists from both accounts. Is that a mistake?

Unfortunately there is no German help.

Thank you very much for your support.


(translated as Deeple)


Hi, thanks for using GoodTask. It seems like it’s some kind of bug. What service do you use to manage Reminders database (i.e. iCloud, Exchange etc)?

Do you use multiple accounts?

Would you check after turning off Automatic Preferences Sync inside Settings - General?




I use a business and a private account with the provider mailbox.org.

I have now switched off synchronization. How do I switch it off on iPad and iPhone? I can't find the setting.

Thank you very much for the quick answer.


You may check it inside default Settings app’s ‘Passwords and accounts’ page. Try using iCloud for Reminders. It’ll work best with GoodTask. Thanks!


I have the same type of problem when using Outlook.com or Exchange. The lists are multiplied in the Reminders app as well, this is not just GoodTask related.


Thank you very much for the quick help. I am now working with the iCloud synchronization. I created two task lists. Now everything works fine. THANK YOU again!

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Glad to help. However, I find MS tasks to be superior to Reminders, especially if using Outlook.com as your primary email service. This means I have a desktop app for my tasks on every computer + a fast web interface (I find iCloud.com to be slow and limited). Task syncronization does suck, unfortunately...