Mac and iOS not syncing

Hi. This morning, I updated both iOS and Mac to 6.6.1 and now there is no syncing between either device. Automatic Preferences Sync is on for both devices, and I tried upload/download and restarting both devices. Any other suggestions I could try?

Hi @Fuchsia, thanks for using GoodTask.

Do you mean that preferences is not syncing? If so, check the text shown inside each checkbox in iCloud Sync settings. It should show device and time of the current available sync file status.

You can also check it in Finder/Files app's iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings folder.

If they're the same, 'Download' to manually download the settings if needed.


Thanks, no. It was that the tasks weren't syncing. I did have the sync checked. Then, later in the day it started syncing up, but... now has gone back to the freezing up behavior on iOS that we were emailing about for a while and had resolved for a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the details. Tasks are synced through Reminders app so if sync is not working, checking Reminders app would be the first thing to do.

Performance issues and other things will be improved in 6.6.2 which will come very soon.


Thanks. Yeah---I forgot to say everything is working fine in Reminders.

It's so strange. When I emailed you in early April, either the Calendar Reset you had suggested or new update completely fixed that issue and I hadn't had a single freeze for over two weeks since. Now it's gone back to the same freezing pattern (on iOS only). When it starts up in iOS, the background is a slightly lighter shade (like a dark gray), then freezes, then on restart goes to its regular black background. Kind of like before when it would show a flash of a very old screen, freeze, then on restart be okay again.

I would do calendar reset again but it did wipe out my smart lists, so for now I'll wait for the 6.6.2 and let you know if anything changes. Thanks.