(macOS 10.15.7 + GoodTask 5.9 (660)) Notifications

I have a quick question regarding macOS notifications. When a notification appears and I click to either snooze or set to completed status, the GoodTask window always comes to the front, or the app, if closed, opens by itself.

Is there any way this action can be switched off as personally, I find it a bit frustrating? This doesn't happen for the standard macOS Reminders app.

Hi @pauiwilky76, thanks for using GoodTask.

  • App needs to be opened if you run an action on notifications.
  • Normally if you press action and choose an action below, the app shouldn't come up to the front. If you click notification itself, it'll bring the app to the front.

If it doesn't behave like this, please try restarting the device and if the issue persists, send me some more details to contact@hahaint.com


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Many thanks for your reply. Really helpful.