macOS UX suggestion

Hi Hanbum, first of all - all the best wishes for the new year.

Okay down to business :slight_smile: A thought - on macOS currently if you have Goodtask open with the sidebar open, if you choose to hide the sidebar it moves towards the tasklist and looks like it hides behind it. If you work with Goodtask at the left hand side of the screen (34" Ultra-wide monitor) this results in Goodtask sitting away from the screen edge. Human nature than for neatness wants you (or it does with me anyway) to move it to the side of the screen

So the thought is it may be more efficient (if it can be done) that if the sidebar is closed then the task list moves over to the left and covers it up, then when the sidebar is opened the reverse takes place?

I'm not sure if it can be done but it'd make the operation a lot more efficient. Currently, I never hide the side bar as I'd always be looking to adjust the position of Goodtask on screen.

Anyway just a thought :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, there is no good way to manage how sidebar opens and closes and it contains many bugs around implementing this behavior. I’ll keep your feedback though. Thanks again and Happy New Year too! :slight_smile:

I thought that may be the case but it was worth asking. :slight_smile: Thanks as always.

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