Missing Calendar items


Suddenly on my list, calendar items are only seen 12 days out on my Apple Watch. I have confirmed that this is only on the watch and only with calendar items and only after 12 days. Dated tasks/reminders have no such limitation. I would like to see the next 30 days (not the current month) on the watch.

I'm not sure how these changes occur because I am not messing with the app once I get it working correctly. However, it seems like every few weeks something spontaneously changes! Any suggestions?



Do you see those events in Calendars app on watch?


No, but as I understand it, the watch only shows the current week and only for the current month.

Currently I have one calendar item on 2/3 that shows up on the GoodTask Complication (and in the GoodTask app on the watch) but not in the Apple Calendar because it is next week. However, the calendar items I have set for 2/9 and beyond do not show up in the GoodTask app on the watch but they do show up on the iPhone (both in GoodTask and Apple Calendar).


This could be limits on Apple Watch. Data that GoodTask shows on Apple Watch is fetched from database on the watch not the phone. I'd love to have full access on the watch too but there are still lots of limitations at the moment. :disappointed_relieved:


Yes, but I have not had this problem in the year I have had this app. Are suggesting that a recent IOS update has limited my ability to "see" calendar items on GoodTask in the watch to only the upcoming 12 days? Huh? That seems kind of random to me. As long as I have owned an Apple Watch (about 4 years) I have never been able to see more than the current week's calendar items on the Calendar app on the watch. This is nothing new.


You know that I would never want to limit the data shown on the watch. :sweat_smile:

It's just that I've seen data not fully showing on Apple Watch many times and that might be a possibility.

If you have other apps that reach data by itself, it might be helpful to figure out the cause of the issue.

If it's not showing at all, it could be a bug on GoodTask but limiting by days doesn't seem like it is.