NEW THEME: Things 3


For those of you who switched to GoodTask from Things 3 and wish you could re-create the look of Things 3 inside the far superior GoodTask 3… your wish has been granted!


Hi @Phil, something is wrong with the code. Would you check please? Thanks!


Hi. Thanks for looking into this.

I still can't figure out what has changed since the first couple of themes I posted weeks ago that worked fine, but the themes I've posted since the latest GoodTask update are not working. I'm sure the timing is just a coincidence because I doubt this update changed anything with the Share button in themes, but I never noticed this problem until around the same time.

Here's what I've documented so far that might help narrow this down:

  1. When I posted my first two themes weeks ago from my iPhone, I was able to copy the code from the Forum using my iPad and import them as new themes with no problem.

  2. The little copy icon at the end of the line of code in the Forum was visible back when I posted and tested my first two themes, but as I mentioned to you, that copy icon is not visible on any of my devices now. Without using that special copy button, the user is forced to manually select all text, however, in examining the text retrieved using that method, it selects and copies everything EXCEPT the = at the end of the code.

  3. I posted a new theme shortly after the update and noticed immediately that it was not copying or importing correctly like the others had done. So I went back and re-copied my two earlier themes, edited the Forum posts and pasted this newly copied code in. Now those themes no longer copy and import properly.

  4. I think it might be related to the missing = on the end of the code, but I don't even know if that was there in my earlier posts because I didn't have any reason check. So I've manually added the = to my Things 3 and Fantastical 2 Dark Mode themes, re-copied that code into my original Forum posts, and they now import fine on my other device. But as of right now I cannot get my Pumpkin Spice theme to work even with the = at the end. It did work fine prior to all this.

I'll continue searching, but if you spot the problem, let me know.



I've edited pumpkin theme to remove = at the end. Here is what I see on my side.

  • Copy icon works well on all devices. You may clean cache on browser and check again.

  • All other themes imported fine but this 'Things 3' one does not. I've tried adding/removing = at the end but nothing works.



Really strange. Earlier, when I replied to you, I deleted Things 3 theme on my iPad and re-imported it from the code here in the Forum, and it imported first time with no problems. I'll keep looking. Thanks again for your help!


@Phil great theme, I can’t import though, it shows import failed. I was able to import all other themes expect this. Could you advise?


Thanks very much for letting me know.

I posted a clean copy of the code a minute ago, so would you try refreshing your browser and copying the code again? Once it's on your clipboard and you select Import Theme in GoodTask, it should automatically recognize it and show "Import theme: Things 3".

Let me know if this works.



You are the best! It worked and I’m so impressed with it! Thanks! :star_struck: By any chance have you ever made Things 3 l light theme?


Great, thanks for the feedback!

I've never made a Things 3 light theme, mostly because I've had a bunch of surgeries on my eyes, and now my eyes are unfortunately hyper-sensitive to bright screens. The dark themes are the only ones I ever use because they cut down on the glare.

But I do know a lot of people prefer light themes, so I might create some one of these days.


I agree that dark themes are better for eyes in general, for everyone, just as a preventative measure. Although I personally prefer like themes, but try to use dark themes most of the time. These days we spend a lot of time on our phones and the cumulative effect of this can harm our eyes. Anyways thanks for the reply.


My take on Things 3 light :slight_smile:


It's basically a white background, some gray areas, dark gray text (mostly), no lines (borders) and buttons in a Things 3 lockalike blue :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for putting that together @BoEast!

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Nice! Thanks for making my collection complete. I set to automatically change between dark and white based on my lights setting! :clap:t3:


@BoEast, I love your version of this theme. Very clean and easy to read. Great job!


@Phil on your first screenshot, how did you place your overdue items in in a separate section? I played a lot with sort option and couldn’t figure it out. I have arranged the following: due->list order but still it won’t place them in a separate section. This is actually really important, because I want to pay more attention to my overdue items, so, they should be separable from other tasks.


Hi @Mehdiem,

When you use 'Due date' as first sort order option, tasks that has passed current date will be shown as 'Overdue' on separate section.

This means that you can all tasks before today as overdue on day view and all tasks before this week will get overdue on week view and tasks before this month on month view.

Hope it made sense. Thanks!

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@GoodTask Thank you. It worked out. Is there any way to have overdue in a separate section just “based on overdue time” (hour). Currently, I have to wait until the end of the day for them to go to overdue section. I want them to go, immediately after their overdue time.


Currently only filter that calculates time is 'Scheduled : Today' filter with 'Hide : Later tasks'. I'll keep your feedback. Thanks!

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