New user / organizing reminds in GoodTask messed up/deleting everything in Reminders

I just started using GoodTask to try to solve my icloud device syncing issue and I got my wish but made everything worse...

The problem was always that none of my Reminders on my iPhone would sync to icloud or any of my other Apple devices, so everything in my iPhone Reminders app have been the "master" lists (only device that had Reminders content up to date)

When GoodTask first imported my lists, I noticed all of my subtasks that were set up in Reminders were treated as individual items. So I started organizing re-organizing them in GoodTasks (dragging and dropping all subtasks into their original parent tasks). I just noticed later today that everything I organized in the app completely wiped what was in Reminders and I can't figure out how to restore anything since on there's no "restore reminders" option in settings.

I had no idea that links weren't supported in GoodTasks, so after moving things around in there like an idiot without reading any instructions, all of my subtask with links and notes from Reminders are gone AND in Reminders only the original parent tasks are there now and original sub tasks turned into a text list in parent task's notes. i.e. =
Parent task
parent task notes:
[ ] subtask 1
[ ] subtask 2

I have no idea what to do or how to restore anything without having to literally restore my entire iPhone just to restore Reminders from icloud to what they previously were before using GoodTask.

Any info/help is appreciated!!

Thanks for the feedback. Subtasks in Reminders is a hierarchy format but that info is not shared with 3rd party apps. Subtasks in GoodTask was made before that with simple text based checklist that’s saved in Notes field.

Try restoring Calendars in and see how it goes. There is no particular way other than that or restoring the whole device to restore previous info.


The Restore Calendars option doesn't mention anything about reminders though. It's too risky for me to test unless that's a guaranteed method to get Reminders restored...

I created a backup in GoodTask yesterday before I even started using the app. The local backup is still from then. Does that just sync preferences?

I tried it and it included Reminders but it was years ago so I can't confirm it for now. If you didn't have big changes for calendar events during the time, it shouldn't be risky though.

The backup inside the app is only for preferences and partial info used in GoodTask. The main source is read directly from Reminders app.


I was too scared to do that lol / I realized it was only 1 important list that I messed up thankfully

So lesson learned! (loving it btw)

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