Newbie problems!


Wow, this is a complex app. I am really only interested in using this app with my apple watch. I would like to see the next 3 (over an unlimited time period) Reminders and Calendar events. I would like them in order undated Reminders then dated Reminders and then Calendar events. I am using a watch face that allows me 3 events via a complication. Can someone help me set this up? I have been trying to get this to work for hours without success.

Thanks in advance!



Hi Jeff, thanks for using GoodTask.

  1. Yes, it could be complex if you want to customize it at first. :sweat_smile:

  2. Currently you can't limit counts for items in Smart List. (It's in the list to consider in future updates)

  3. You may make a smart list with Scheduled filter. Set option to 'Within 4 weeks (or more if you'd like)' with 3 count. This will show at least 3 tasks on that list. Also add a filter with 'Undated' type.

  4. Change 'Sort Options' of that list to Due date (not default). After that, change 'Order' to 'Undated -> Due Date -> Calendar Events'. If Calendar Events are not showing, go into 'Settings - Sorts' and turn on option 'Separate Calendar Events'.

  5. This smart list should show tasks as you want on 'List' view. Go into 'Settings - Favorites' and add this list with 'List' view to choose it quickly on Apple Watch.

  6. Go into Apple Watch app and swipe right and then choose the favorite list you've just made.

  7. Inside iPhone app's Settings - Apple Watch, choose 'Complications - Order' to 'App' to let complications show items in order of the app.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


That almost works perfect. Now...the only problem is that I have a

  1. Calendar event tomorrow July 31
  2. another calendar event August 5
  3. and a Reminder set for 8/14.

I want them to show up in date order but for whatever reason they are showing ups in this order
on the watch:


Thanks again for your help!


If you want to show Reminders and Calendar events together, you should turn off 'Separate Calendar Events' on no.3 above. Thanks!


Again, we are almost there. Now all the dated events show in the correct order on the Apple Watch...except the undated task does not show up first even when the sort order says undated->due date. I want anything that is undated to take precedence over dated tasks/reminders/calendar events. Is this possible?


Need some more details.

  • Does it show in correct order on iPhone app?
  • Does it show in correct order on Apple Watch app?

If both are true, you need to check below once again.

  • Inside iPhone app's Settings - Apple Watch, choose 'Complications - Order' to 'App' to let complications show items in order of the app.



On the Apple Watch it shows up at the very end of the list. On the iPhone it shows up at the very top, as expected. Is that helpful?




Hi @rainman1962, it seems like there is a bug with sort order on Apple Watch. :sob: I'll check and will fix it soon.