Just downloaded the app and trying to get a grip on it. A couple of questions/comments:

  1. How can I synchronize my exchange list between my Mac and my iPhone ? The list shows up correctly in OS but doesn’t appear in IOS.
  2. When I add a new task in a smart list (list based on a #tag), why is the tag not being copied automatically in the new task’s note field ? Am I am missing something ?
  3. In OS, it would be handy if the forum could be accessed from within the app, just like in IOS.
  4. How come there is no 'How to' category in the forum. To be frank, coming from Todoist, Things, OF and TIckTick, setting up Goodtask isn't über intuitive for me. But because I am using Agenda, I am ready to give it a real try.

Many thanks.

Question #1 has been resolved in the meantime :blush:

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Hi @Merlin, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

  1. Currently you need to check option inside 'Settings - New Task - Contextual : Text' . This will be integrated to 'Contextual : List' option in version 4.6 which will be updated soon.

  2. I'll add it on the Help menu on next update. :slight_smile:

  3. I'll add the phrase on 'Tips' category. I'm planning to add some videos on 'How to'.

The app can be really powerful as you set it to fit your needs. Hope you like it and use it well to get things done.


I'd also check out the video by Chris at this post:

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Thank you. One week into GoodTask and starting to like it.

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Good to see that item #1 is resolved. But how???

You need to subscribe to the Exchange list on each device

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