No reminders on watchOS 6


So, yesterday I updated my iPhone and apple watch to ios 13 and watchOS 6. I also updated my ipad to the latest Beta.

Updated the reminders database. Works fine on my iPhone and iPad. But no reminders is syncing with the apple watch.

This is really not an issue with GT, since not even the ios reminders are showing up in the reminders app on my apple watch but perhaps anyone of you awesome people in here have a clue why the reminders aren't syncing :slight_smile:



Hi @BoEast,

When I first updated the beta, mine didn't come in either for iCloud Reminders lists. Exchange ones came in fine though.

I've checked that resetting the watch resolves the issue.

First I've tried 'Reset Sync Data' inside watch app on iPhone - General - Reset to prevent full reset but it didn't work.

After I fully unpair it and repaired with a reset, it came in properly. :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I did already unpair and paired it again. In between I reset (erased) the watch. I did install a backup though since I don't want to configure the watch again.

Still no reminders :frowning:


Hmm, I also restored from backup but it came in for me. It took some time though to fully download the database.

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Ok, thanks for your input!

I just have to continue resetting and stuff and hopefully it will work. I was thinking that I was missing some setting somewhere :confused:

Edit: by the way, after I updated my reminders database, my reminders disappeared. I had to add them again (Good I still have them in Things 3) and they weren't that many. But still.


When I upgraded the database, it duplicated existing one and went on from since. On new devices, it took some time to fully load. It was showing untitled lists and things got in after some time.


So after yet another unpairing and resetting and pairing again, it finally works!! :smiley:

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I hope I don't have to go through that process. I do get my new iPhone next week and watch in early October so I might wait until then and see if it works on the new devices.


There certainly seems to be some sync issues between the iPhone and the apple watch. But it's a ios reminders thing. This morning nothing synced. Had to restart both the watch and the iPhone.

Hopefully it will be resolved in 13.xx